The importance of content marketing on centroconvarredi is known and appreciated by many. On the other hand, there are some who do not fully understand that the success of good content marketing depends to a considerable extent on link building as well. The focus needs to be on both of the elements, and this is something that is not always fully appreciated by internet marketers. With the right tactics you can manage to create a sound link building campaign so as to attract more traffic to your site. It is a known fact that the most powerful links that you can possibly get are links that come from educational sites. If you manage to get as many of such links as possible search rankings can literally shoot up. Having said that, such links are quite difficult to get. These links unfortunately are hard to get due to the fact that most educational sites do not accept guest posts. And the ones that do accept guest posting tend to have very strict rules for this, and so you cannot really hope to write a post and get it published that easily. A good idea is to try broken link building as this is regarded as one of the simpler and possibly quite effective ways to get links from educational websites. This is basically a method whereby you will be aiming to find dead links and suggest improved content instead of them, so that you can then make the most of it with your own content, and then acquire the link. However the .edu links are not the only types of powerful links that you should aim for. Editorial links, backlinks from webinars and guest blogs are also quite effective. The same applies to high authority domains, and of course, you should place a lot of importance on dofollow links. A dofollow link is a valuable link since it manages to pass authority thanks to its SEO value. Such links are active hyperlinks with anchor text that is well thought out to be properly and effectively related to a particular topic. This is one practical example of how important it is to combine content marketing with backlinking. So, the main idea is to have quality backlinks from sites that are trusted by search engines, as well as by searchers. Even if this may be considerably difficult at times, bear in mind that in reality the harder a backlink is to get, the more value it is going to have. If you really want to improve your search performance, rank better and get more traffic, this is what your main objective should be when working on link building.